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Karczmisko boarding house is located at the bottom of Śnieżnik moutain on the southern slop of Karczmisko moutain (697 m.a.s.l),with a breath-taking view on Krowiarki range and Skowronia moutain(840 m.a.s.l).


The boarding house was built to be a perfekt place for those who seek peace and a close contact with nature.

The owners of the house come from Wrocław, a city on the Silesian Lowlands, where noise and hustle and bustle never die down. That is why they came up with the idea of restoring Karczmisko -a place of an old German settlement where people had lived in harmony with nature.

The charming location of Karczmisko and the specific microclimate have a positive influence on our guests.

If you are looking for a special place distanced from the noise of the city, you have found the perfect place.

You will relax here and take a step back from the hustle and bustle.